SimplyHome Partners with Eblen Charities on “No Place Like Home” Program


ASHEVILLE, N.C., Oct. 17, 2011 – Simply Home announced this week its partnership with Eblen Charities to promote a new program – “No Place Like Home” – which promotes independence through technology.

A premier fundraising benefit is scheduled for October 21 at AB Tech. Donation information and a chance to win a free iPad may be found at:

The money raised at the Friday, October 21st event will be divided between four causes. A substantial portion of the money raised will be used to jump start “No Place Like Home,” a Western North Carolina Eblen program focusing on helping people who may benefit from technology to live more independently. A donation will be made to the Keefer family who appeared on the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. SimplyHome installed technology in the family’s home to make life easier for all parties involved.  The October 21 date was chosen for the fundraiser to coincide with the 8:00 p.m., two-hour Friday night premiere of Extreme Makeover Home Edition on ABC. Additionally, a donation will be made to Arc of NC and UCP of Central Pennsylvania to aid these programs as they implement the use of assistive technology for their service recipients.

“We are trying to create an awareness of what tools are available in our community to promote independence,” says Allen Ray, CEO of Simply Home. “Many years ago, a person’s only option was to have someone sit with him or her when there was a special need or priorities and concerns for life changed. We can now create many different outcomes and solutions through technology.”

About Simply Home

Located in Asheville, NC, SimplyHome designs and installs wireless technology products to promote independent living. Aging in place and helping people with disabilities to live independently is the business’s core focus. SimplyHome’s support systems are individually tailored to meet specific needs and to assist care providers.

About Eblen Charities

Founded in 1991, Eblen Charities is a non-profit organization whose outreach extends throughout the counties of western North Carolina and through its numerous programs has helped thousands upon thousands of families each year with medical and emergency assistance.

For more information, visit: .

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About SimplyHome
We are an affiliation of care providers who have been providing supports for the disabled and elderly since 1990. While our goal of helping families and caregivers has remained the same from the beginning, we realized in 2003 that new technology would allow us to dramatically improve the quality of our service and reduce the cost to those in need. We developed the SimplyHome system with this in mind and have been expanding our offerings and services ever since. Today we work towards our mission of helping the aging and disabled populations nationwide from our offices in North Carolina and Wisconsin. We exist to serve families and caregivers by providing the tools and services needed to support those who wish to live independently at home. While this desire cannot always be fulfilled, we believe it is far more achievable with SimplyHome by your side. In essence, we help you create a "Supportive Home" environment for the one you care for by providing easy-to-use assistive technology and services. When you come to us, we will engage in a conversation about your caregiving requirements, and if appropriate, offer you a personalized system that improves the quality of care for both you and the one you care for -- whether you are a family member or professional caregiver. Sometimes, after a detailed assessment, we find our systems are not the best support for you. If we feel a company offering different services could better serve you, we will make that recommendation. It's as simple as that.

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